Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Alex and Hayden Show

Over two years ago, a group of fifth graders who called themselves the Fantastic Ferrets, created a talk show about autism. The cohosts of the show were Alex and Hayden. Their show was produced to help children and others with autism. Alex and Hayden give coping strategies and tips for dealing with frustration. They explain what autism is to others who may not understand it, and they tell about famous people who had autism.

The show spread far and wide, and a man who is the head of the Autism Program for the whole state of Illinois found out about Greenville's two famous boys. He invited Mrs. Abernethy, the two boys, and Hayden's mom to Springfield, Illinois to speak at the "Targeting Autism" conference in front of hundreds of librarians. Below is a video of the presentation. It is one hour long, so you may not want to watch it all at once.


Alex and Hayden Show

Targeting Autism

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