Monday, April 11, 2016


A friend of mine, Ann Noonen, hosted a STEAM Showcase for NPAECT during the RoboBot Competition at Meadville High School on April 2nd. Nicole Hill, Northwestern director of NPAECT, first made me aware of the showcase and encouraged me to bring some students. Shout out to Nicole! This was one of the most amazing experiences and opportunities the Futuristic Foxes have ever been afforded.
The day began at East Elementary at 8:15 am where three sets of parents with SUV's, I, and my husband met to arrange transportation for sixteen students (three students were to meet us at the event.) We loaded cars with students and supplies and drove the fifty minutes to Meadville. We were given five tables to set up our display and we had no problem filling them. We also had access to a large empty hallway where the students had a great time demonstrating how our robots worked and allowing others the opportunity to use them, too.

Our 3D Printer table

Demonstrating how Dash can draw!
Our miscellaneous table with a variety of robots
We invited high school students from another school to explore the 3d printer

Ozobot table and Musical/Lighted Cups powered by Arduino

I am so proud of East Elementary's Makers

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