Monday, February 8, 2016

New Trails in Greenville?

When Fred Kiser was looking for support for the new bike/walking trail in Greenville, he came to the Futuristic Foxes. He came to our classroom and asked if we could come to the Business Expo at Thiel College to help pass out brochures, give information about the trail and tell how people could help.

Of course, the Futuristic Foxes (and a Dauntless Dogs) pitched in on Saturday, February 6, to help spread the news about the new trail being blazed from Greenville on the west side of the Shenango River. It will follow the abandoned Erie and Pittsburgh Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad north to Jamestown and the Pymatuning State Park area. The trail is projected to be an 8 foot wide asphalt surface. and may extend southward and connect to the Trout Island Trail, thus linking two of Mercer County's major recreation areas - Pymatuning and Shenango Lakes!

Our post at the Expo manned by a Dauntless Dog and a couple Futuristic Foxes.

We enjoyed using this Google Map to show the path of the potential trail.

Occasionally, we walked the map around the Expo so everyone could see!

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