Monday, December 7, 2015

Futuristic Foxes Support Main Street

It all started when our town's main street was shutdown for months. The businesses remained open, but they were definitely feeling a great loss. They became the talk of just not local news, but regional news, too.

The Futuristic Foxes knew they needed to do something to help out the town. After a brainstorm session, they came up with the idea to propose a street fair where all of the businesses decorated the outside of their businesses, brought in some entertainment and perhaps gave out some coupons. We even offered our

We spoke to the Chamber of Commerce, got addresses, and sent out persuasive letters to all the businesses on Main Street, and guess what? They liked our idea. That's why they decided to have a day called, "Jingle, Mingle." Almost all the businesses participated. One business, 1spa took us up on our offer and allowed us to decorate their Christmas tree otside their storefront. The owner also donated hot chocolate for the kids to sell and a bunch of toys for a street/yard sale. The kids decided all proceeds would go toward helping the businesses on Main Street.

The Futuristic Foxes came in droves that day to help out, and we earned $188.80! We decided we will spend some of the money advertising in the local newspaper for people to support Main Street and buy local. We are also thinking about getting a banner made that we can hang somewhere in the town.

The Futuristic Foxes supporting Main Street at the Jingle Mingle.

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